About the company

  • Name Besna Institute Inc.
  • Pronunciation /ˈbesna/
  • Corporate number 9021001072530
  • Address Grace Motomachi Rm.102, Chigasaki 15-2, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa
  • Date of establishment March 31st 2021
  • Founder and CEO Kotaro Sakamoto

What we do

  • Research, survey, planning, design, development, selling and maintenance of computer systems
  • Provide information services by means of the internet and other communication systems
  • IT and internet business consulting
  • Planning, production, management, implementation and ticket sales of various events and seminars"
  • Planning, designing and selling novelty goods, signboards, leaflets and other promotional items and office supplies
  • Planning, design, production, distribution, sales, maintenance, implementation, purchase and copyright business of various games
  • Planning, writing, production and sale of books, magazines, and other printed or electronic publications
  • Planning, design, production, editing, processing, maintenance, sales, production, purchase and copyright business of various contents (text, audio, still images, videos, etc.)
  • All operations incidental to the preceding items